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Homeowners Information

Everything you need to know about the Foxcroft East Homeowners Association



The Foxcroft East Homeowners Association is a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of North Carolina. You became a member when you bought your home whether it was one of the individual family homes or one of the townhomes in The Meadows.  As a member, you are required to pay dues annually and to comply with the rules and regulations of the community.  These should have been provided to you at the time of your purchase and are also available through a link from this site. The Association has specific rules that must be complied within the event you make any changes to the exterior of your property.

Board of Directors

The Homeowners Association is managed by an unpaid, elected Board of Directors. There are nine members of the Board and each member serves a staggered three-year term. Three members are elected at the homeowners annual meeting. Information on the members of the is provided in the Documents section.

Management Company

“The Board has employed Hawthorne Management Company to handle the collection of dues and payment for various services to maintain the community’s common areas and walking trails including landscaping, playgrounds and fencing in some areas. At the bottom of this page is a link to the management company's website. You will need to register by going to the Homeowner Login the first time you access this site.

Here is a link to the management company’s website.  Only members of the Homeowners Association may access this site. You will need to log in or register if you are a first time user by setting up an email address and password. The site has the following information:


Information concerning your personal information and setup of your account for payment of association dues.


Contains useful information on the Homeowners Association including the Architectural Committee and guidelines for changes or additions to the exterior of your property including structures such as playhouses, fencing and sheds. Copies of the Articles of Incorporation, By Laws, the Declaration, Easement Agreement and any policies adopted by the Board are provided here. Information on the Board of Directors, minutes of their meetings and the annual meeting are also in the section.

Your Information

Shows information about the payment of Homeowner Association dues or other charges.

Contact us

Hawthorne Management has assigned Cass Shapard as the Association Manager working with our community. She can be reached at or 704.377-0114 ext. 107.

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