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Annual Meeting Notice

The Homeowner Association's annual meeting will be on January 24th at 6 pm at Carmel Presbyterian Church's Ligon Hall. The church's address  is 2048 Carmel Rd, Charlotte. All homeowners are encouraged to attend.


Great Members Wanted!

The Board currently has nine members and three members are elected every year at the annual meeting in January. If you have an interest is serving on the board, please let us know.


Contact information for the Board of the management company is here

        Annual Dues                         Payment

Foxcroft East Homes Association Members


Dues payment notification 

Hawthorne Management has sent out information on the dues for association members. These annual dues are payable as of February 1 and are the source of the income needed to maintain our common areas. We cannot pay our bills without this income.The amount payable is relatively small, no more than $390 annually for single family homeowners, and should not be a problem for those living in our community. Each year we have a number of homeowners who are late in their payment which requires additional costs and follow up by the management company. Payments which are not made by March 1, will incur a $20 late fee. Dues which are not paid by April 1, will result in a pre-lien notice and incur an additional $20 fee. The member will have 15 days to settle their account by April 15, including late fees. If the account is not settled at that time, it will be sent to our attorney to process a lien against their property and the attorney’s cost will be required to be paid by the member before the lien is canceled. The Board of Directors and the community appreciate all members who pay their assessment on time each year. This allows the community to function within budget and to continue to maintain and improve the beautiful community we call home.


Foxcroft Community Watch

This is a volunteer organization focused on safety in our community in which residents can choose to participate. They provide information on safety, crime updates and partnership with our Police Department to patrol the neighborhood. They can also coordinate the ability to have your home checked by an officer if you are away.

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